Essential Resources for Pastors

PURPOSE: Churches use this consolation when:

DESCRIPTION: Two tiers of ministry are offered. Tier I consists of a three-day consultation at your church. Tier II is optional (highly recommended) and is a one-to three-year ongoing process to help your leaders successfully finish what they decide to do.

Tier I-Data Gathering, Diagnosis, Prescription.

Data Gathering- Your survey.

They data gathering phase includes the promotion and administering of your Church Development Survey, as well as the collection of other data from your church office. Below is the standard sequence of events:

  1. Order is placed by phone and order form, and first payment check is mailed.
  2. Materials are sent to your church approximately 4-6 weeks before your survey date, or when your order is received if that date is within 4 weeks of your survey date. (We can send materials Next Day Air if necessary.)
  3. Your church strongly promotes the survey for at least two and preferably three weeks before it is given. Materials are provided to help you with this.
    Your second payment check is mailed when you receive your materials.
    You self-administer your survey on Sunday morning in your worship service(s) to all persons of high school age and up.
  4. The following week you offer a make-up opportunity, and the next day (Monday) all surveys are mailed to the processing center (the address from which they were shipped).
  5. Your consultant will request information from your church in addition for the survey. This is sent to him when you return your surveys.
    Diagnosis and Prescription- Your Weekend Consultation.

    The date of your consultation weekend is arranged when you place your order. This weekend will be a major event in the life of your church, and all leaders should plan to be present. Although the schedule may vary, the following is the most common:

    Consultant arrives around noon on Friday.

    Friday 2:00-5:30 - Meet with senior pastor and wife to review findings.
    Friday 5:30-7:00 - Dinner with senior pastor.
    Friday 7:30-9:00 - Meet with representative sample from congregation.
    Saturday 8:00-6:00 - Meet with all staff, board members, and chairmen of all committees.
    8:00-10:00 Go over survey data.
    10:00-12:30 Explain principals of church health and growth.
    12:30-2:00 Lunch.
    2:00- 4:30 Facilitate leaders in targeting most important applications.
    4:30- 6:00 Train leaders to build measurable goals/plans for each area, and designate leaders for each application

  6. Sunday morning - Consultant visits all Sunday programs
  7. Sunday afternoon - Optional training meeting.
  8. Sunday evening - 90-minute presentation to entire congregation.
  9. Soon after this weekend, a final report will be sent to the church.
  10. Your final payment is due within two weeks of your consultation.

Tier II-Planning and Implementation- On-going Consultation.

On Saturday afternoon during your consultation weekend, your consultant will introduce your leaders to our Tier II ministry. You will be asked to decide within three weeks whether to continue into Tier II or to stop at the Tier I level. There are two parts to Tier II:

  1. Planning- This stage generally takes 3 - 6 months to complete. During this time, one of your leaders will be assigned to oversee each application your church targets. Your consultant will work with your “implementers” by phone and mail. The consultant will help each implementer develop a concrete, measurable, phased plan for their area. After the plan is to the satisfaction of the implementer and consultant, it is submitted to the church board for approval.
  2. Implementation- This stage may take one to three years to complete. During this time, the consultant performs at least

      important functions:

a. He is an accountability point for the implementers, who are responsible to call him every quarter to report on progress, explain problems and find new solutions.

b. He is a resource for implementers to call as they encounter problems and need answers.

c. He is an advisor to the pastor and staff as they work their way through what may be “uncharted territory” to them.

For more information or to schedule a church consultation email to