Services We Offer

  1. Standard Church Consultation

    Churches use this consolation when:
    • They want a total in-depth evaluation of every aspect of their ministry, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
    • They realize “something” is hindering their ministry but some people are not sure what that something is.
    • They realize that the quality of ministries is one of the most common limiting factors in a church, and they want to benchmark the quality of each ministry, so they can target the exact issues that are the first bottleneck.
    • They need unity of information to create unity of action.
    • They have been plateaued of declining for more than two years and want to turn this around.
    • They have been growing by over 15% a year for more than two years and want to prepare for the barriers they will encounter in the future so they will not be stopped by them.
    • Two tiers of ministry are offered. Tier I consists of a three-day consultation at your church. Tier II is optional (highly recommended) and is a one-to three-year ongoing process to help your leaders successfully finish what they decide to do.

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  2. The Ministry Match (Professional and lay versions)

    What is the Ministry Match?

    The Ministry Match is a personal evaluation tool designed by Christians for Christians. The purpose of the Ministry Match is to help persons discover and understand how God uniquely created them and then to help them use this information to serve God in the most effective way possible. There are two versions of the Ministry Match. The Professional version was specially created to evaluate pastors, church staff and vocational Christian workers. The Lay version was specially written to help local church members find ministries in their own church that would be most fruitful and fulfilling. The ministry match, Church Matching Program was developed to equip local church staff as well as placement personnel in denominations and seminaries to easily match persons with specific ministries they have defined. The Ministry match is presently used by The Evangelical Free Church of America Placement Office, Trinity International University, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and hundreds of pastors and churches across America.

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    The Ministry Match Training Process (on CDROM)

    This extensive audio PowerPoint training with embedded video carries an individual or a group through the entire training necessary to understand and interpret the Ministry Match.

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